Where everything began

For 18 years, the name De La Roca Deejays has been a name spoken with respect in various Nightclubs across Europe. Both coming from musical families; it was a natural progression for these two aspiring talents to follow their rhythmic roots. Growing up in the influential time when Hip Hop music began making its impression, the De La Roca Deejays took their first steps onto the scene performing in local events and youth centers in southern Germany. In 1998 they joined forces to form the De La Roca Deejays focusing on both the National and International Club scene.

With beginnings in popular German cities like; Stuttgart, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and Berlin, the De La Roca Deejays quickly became synonymous with greatness and acquired a reputation for themselves that is just as comparable. As a result of their efforts their name quickly spread and bookings began to come from exclusive Hotspots across Europe such as, Zurich, Geneva, Milan, Paris, St.Tropez and London to name a few. Further solidifying their position in the Hip Hop arena the De La Roca Deejays have been asked to perform alongside, Diddy, Akon, Lloyd Banks, Ginuwine, Lumidee, Pussycat Dolls, and Busta Rhymes. Such endeavours have not only gained them respect among their peers, but presented a flexibility that would propel them to the next level.

Spinning a mixture of Hip Hop, Soul, RNB 80’s, Raggaeton, Pop, House and Electronic Music; the De La Roca Deejays can give you everything from “soup to nuts”. As a result of their extensive experience the De La Roca Deejays have the erring ability to not only influence a crowd, but anticipate their desires as well. From large concert halls and open air events, to exclusive chic discotheques and European Metropols the De La Roca Deejays have played sets in Europe’s trendiest atmospheres and are sure to entertain. This year be prepared to get inspired by the infectious energy, unbridled passion, and true talent (NO GIMMICKS!!); just music from the hearts of two talented men!

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